Dennis Delemar, Yahuchesed

From 1997 to 2004 Dennis "Yahuchesed" Delemar faced extreme physical and mental abuse from his father. Pushed to the brinks of suicide or murder, a good friend brought him a little green journal and suggested that he write his thoughts in it to escape. Dennis's pen not only allowed him to escape the pain, but his journal entries journal turned into poetry, and poetry turned into numerous of spoken word performances and movies.

The path to Yahuchesed begun in 2015 when Dennis had a soft launch for his clothing line entitled Black Wall Street, named after the Historic Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The brand debuted on September 16, 2015, during Tulsa Fashion Week, sponsored by Mercedes Benz, and is the official merchandiser of the feature film entitled Black Wall Street.

Black Wall Street would go on to be featured in ExcellStyle Magazine, a publication whose focus is on fashion, beauty, health, and promoting excellence in successful living.

Following the success of the Black Wall Street brand, Delemar decided to create a brand that was inspired by his poetry. A brand whose culture seeks to share the deepest truths in life, from love to pain and everything in-between, creating a lifestyle that is free from the matrix. Thus, Yahuchesed was born.  

Yahuchesed signifies excellence, bold artistry and truth. What does Yahuchesed mean? Simply put, יהוה is love. יהוה or Yahuah, is the Hebrew name of The Lord.