The Gift by Mulengà Kàthryn Chànsà

You Gave Me Something,

I Believe I've Had It Since Birth,

But It's Now That I Am Older,

That I Have Come To Know What It Is,

It's A Little Piece Of You, It's A Gift,

I Could Either Accept It Or Reject It.

If I Accept It,

I Could Either Use It For Good Or Evil,

To Bring Glory Unto Your Name Or Shame,

At This Point In My Life,

I Know I Accepted Your Gift,

I Am Learning How To Use It To Bring Glory Unto Your...

Could We Get Away? by Mulengà Kàthryn Chànsà

My love, I know you’re tired,

I’m sorry to arouse you from your sleep,

I’ve been thinking, I was wondering,

Could we get away?

I don’t mean going on a vacation,

Or moving to another place,

Though it’s not a bad idea, If we could afford,

Maybe someday we could.

But what I mean is could we escape the negativity,

Could we get away from the hate,

Away from the bitterness, the anger, violence, and lies,

And everything else we have learned from this place,

Let’s just get up and leave...

Chips by Dennis Delemar

Chip on shoulders like boulders miles high,

have kept a man unable to fly,

a sigh just to rise up,

to push this weight,

tested with bait to suspend the efforts,

against opposing forces,

forcing mental conclusions,

that don't conclude,

intergalactic in origin,

but it's now foreign to my dimension,

a frequency equivalent to Morse,

no signal in this forest,

weak signals that don't reach my Dial tones,

that connect to the Source on the first ring.

I'm In love With Your Intelligence by Aisha Williams

I'm in love with your intelligence...
You make me fantasize 
I want to verbally extrapolate the juices of your cranium 
Going deeper and harder with each idea until you make me come
Releasing my creativity all over you.

Let's talk about nature
And cures for the flu
Let's rearrange the names of the solar system 
From Greek to Hebrew 
Lets catalog herbs and spices
Put healing and life in our foods
Let's sit down and construct a plan
That can heal our Nation
I'm with you brotha man.. 

I'm in love with your mind
And with every word you send thrills up my spine
Through my medulla oblongata and it rests in my pineal gland...

The Value Of Wisdom by Aisha Williams

A poor man, walking in the desert sees a large rough rock. he picks it up... plays with it and throws it back into the sand. not knowing that under that coarse rock is the solution to all his problems. he didn't know what he had in his possession.

A wise man came and saw that same rock......