Make The Jump by Dennis Delemar

You ever felt like you could see the real you, just on the other side of the cliff? The you that you are called to be. Know I have. You must MAKE THE JUMP! This is an inspirational piece now available on YouTube (link in bio). I took a little hiatus from poetry because I'm finishing up my first book among other projects! Thanks and praise be to my Alahym Father and Master 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤔𐤏!

JUST KEEP ON by Mulengà Kàthryn Chànsà

That moment when your knuckles turn white,
And you're palms get sweaty from holding on to something too tight,
You feel you can't hold on any longer,
But a voice in your head tells your hands to keep holding on,
Just keep holding on.
That moment you realise you're losing a battle you've been fighting for so long,
And you feel like throwing your hands in the air,
But a voice in your head tells your body to keep fighting,
Just keep on fighting.
That moment when you run out of reasons to love,
And you feel like taking back all your love,
But a voice in your head tells...

Captivated by Abigail Chokmah

Captivated by Abigail Chokmah

He liked her
—he sure did.
He liked her
black thick-rimmed-slimmed eyes
glazed by her
contrived covered 'holiness'
steady mocking modesty,
seductively gazing
to the men
on facebook
"look at me;"
eyes thick black-rimmed
like that
Jezebel woman,
lids painted bright purple hues
like that strange woman;
beguiling the masses of men
flattering her painted face
and shiny brown stained
heart-shaped lips
contorted in a demi-pucker
for the lens.
They flattered with
effusive praise,
she speaking softly, seductively
"Shabbat Shalom"
into the Air
on the sanctified day,
whispering Ebonics,
she spoke of Ezekiel and
"what we discussed the other day."
She waited
and went to you
for a slaughter;
she went to you
to feast upon
your face
in your space.
checked into
saint jacob
and stayed,
with subtile of heart,
she set a trap
for Your true Lioness
on the scene

VALIDATION by Dennis Delemar

KILLMONGER by Dennis Delemar