Captivated by Abigail Chokmah

Captivated by Abigail Chokmah

He liked her
—he sure did.
He liked her
black thick-rimmed-slimmed eyes
glazed by her
contrived covered 'holiness'
steady mocking modesty,
seductively gazing
to the men
on facebook
"look at me;"
eyes thick black-rimmed
like that
Jezebel woman,
lids painted bright purple hues
like that strange woman;
beguiling the masses of men
flattering her painted face
and shiny brown stained
heart-shaped lips
contorted in a demi-pucker
for the lens.
They flattered with
effusive praise,
she speaking softly, seductively
"Shabbat Shalom"
into the Air
on the sanctified day,
whispering Ebonics,
she spoke of Ezekiel and
"what we discussed the other day."
She waited
and went to you
for a slaughter;
she went to you
to feast upon
your face
in your space.
checked into
saint jacob
and stayed,
with subtile of heart,
she set a trap
for Your true Lioness
on the scene

VALIDATION by Dennis Delemar

KILLMONGER by Dennis Delemar

PRAYER OF THE AFFLICTED by Aisha "KhaYah" Williams

I wont ask you to make it easier
Just strengthen me for the road ahead

I wont ask why me
but I'll thank you for the affliction instead

No...I wont complain but I'll look for things I should correct

I won't run, but I'll ask for endurance to pass the test

Though I cry let my tears be as an ointment to your feet

Though Im broken, let my brokenness refine me to be meek.

Though I'm weak, Im thankful that you are the sole source of my strength

Though my body fails
Let me worship you with every bit that I have left...

THE BOX OF MEMORIES by Kathryn Chansa Mulenga

I'll Gather all the memories
I have of you together,
All the good ones and bad ones,
The sad and happy ones.
I'll put them in a box,
And hide that box,
In a place I won't find it,
Out of reach, out of sight,
So when I feel lonely,
I won't be tempted to fetch it,
Open the box and relive each memory.
And if I happen to stumble on the box again,
I'll take the box and throw it far away,
Where I won't be able to see it,
And if it comes back to me,
Like a boomerang,
I'll take that box full of memories of you,
Dig a deep hole and...